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Quiz Review

The following are the primary take-aways from this "Web Building Blocks" section of What Makes the Web Work?.

HTML represents the structure of a site!

We use HTML (hypertext markup languge) to identify parts of a site (e.g. headers, footers, navigation, paragraphs, list) as well as to add media (e.g. images, audio, video) and links (hyperlinks).

CSS gives your site style!

We use CSS (cascading style sheets) to style the various parts of your site. CSS is reponsible for enhancing the visual aspects of your site and can be as important in making your site effective as HTML.

Javascript adds behaviors to your site!

It is possible to create an effective site without Javascript but most websites today rely on this scripting tool to enhance the user's experience. In fact, some websites (called web applications or web apps) use Javascript to make a web page feel and function as if it were an actual software application.

(almost) All websites use these three basic building blocks!

It is very rare to find a website that does not use all three of the core web technologies (HTML, CSS, & Javascript). Each has matured over the years and continues to grow allowing web developers more options when building fantastic websites!